Why "The Way" ?

Through this EP, I decided to use music as an excuse to promote values I belive in. One of them is the strength of openning our sources and I want to share with you a bit how and why this is a magical way of doing things.
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Indeed our choices matter in our everyday life and I made this EP because I think we don't take enough actions in what we believe in. Only we know what is right or wrong for ourselves and what kind of impact we're choosing to have in this world, everyday. This is what I call "The Way", our way, your way. So lets think and act carefully because those choices makes a difference on how we live today and how we will live tomorrow.

Why open source ?

For The Way, I'm sharing music like others share code, methodologies, tools and so on. The reason people choose open source are countless: from sharing solutions with everyone, even to those who can not afford it to getting feedbacks from amazing people all over the world, who probably already have fixed the problem you're facing. Here the EP is more about letting you know what open source is and why many people believe in it, as Aaron Swartz did for exemple.

The box

"Open source" doesn't necessary mean "free". I interpret it more as an alternative way of doing things.
This box is the physical medium of the EP : I craft boxes myself and I will be happy to make you one. Of course in that case, I will ask a reasonnable price in return. That said, you still also have the choice to build yours on your own. Either way, if you want to have a physical and personnalise memory of this EP then, well, now you can.

Make your own

Each of the four songs are under the Creative Commons license CC-BY-SA and you can find the design of the physical box of the EP (and soon the ableton live files) on Gitlab. Which means if you want to make your own box, in a FabLabs for exemple, go for it : everything is online and please share the results if you do so :) If you want to make yours you can still donate what ever you want since making music and everything around takes time.